Sunday, 9 May 2010

Theory is fundamental - Cell cycle

Hello BioFreak Reader,

Welcome in a brand new section where we will try to shortly and nicely cover fundamental topics of biochemistry. We are going to start with a Cycle cycle:)

What is cell cycle - (also known as cell division) is a set of events which main objective is to duplicate genomic material (DNA) equaly distribut it to two doughter cell. Four distinct phases can be distinguished during each cell cycle (see picture below). Those are G1, G2 (known as gap phases), S- and M-phases. S-phase (S stands for synthesis) occurs between gap phases and in this phase DNA duplication occurs. M-phase (M stands for mitosis) is the last phase of cell cycle, where cell finaly divides giving live to new cells. Each phase of cell cycle is extremely important and all phase specific events had to be finished before cell enters proceeds to the next one.


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