Thursday, 15 October 2009

Amino acids - ways to remember 20 structures.

Hi ya all,

I have came out with this topic because I realized that most of the students (including me:) have problems with remembering 20 structures of the aminoacids. I want to make up an efficient way to remember all of them.
This scheme represents all of the strucures and a potential way to suck them in.

Red parts of the structures are the ones that are changeing from structure to structure.

If you have any suggestions leave the comment, please.

I have other ideas how to put them into your mind for good.




  1. Hello, my name is Salvador, I'm from Spain, your blog is very interesting, i have got a school blog, can you visit my blog?

  2. Hello Salvador,

    I am just looking at it:)

    It's cool.

  3. I have to admit I have pen on my hand now and I am going to learn this for an exam in a week!!!

    This is amazing work and I hope you have presented this somewhere! So COOL!!!

    This is how i learn, by doing thing, learning anagrams etc! So I can not thank you enough! Sorry about being anonymous but WOOO!!

  4. Thx man:) Btw, do not write it down just download it:)