Friday, 29 January 2010

3rd year practical - GDH

Hello Students,

This week we have been working with Glutamate Dehydrogenase. We have been assaying 7 different samples for GDH activity . The protocol was exactly the same as last week, so I will not include any of that in this lab report. Just go back to the last post and you can find there how to prepare the lab report.

The only difference is, that this time you also have to calculate the Specific Enzyme Activity U/mg. To get the specific activity of an enzyme we need to know what is the Enzyme Activity (U) which you calculate from the plots you got. Additionally, you need to know amount of the enzyme.

From Blackboard (provided by Peter Creighton) we know that:
Using the Table above we can calcuate our Specific Activity which is simply:

Enzyme Activity (U) / Protein Amount (microgram) = Specific Enzyme Activity (U/mg)

To get the Protein Amount we need to go back to the protocol and see how much of the sample we have used. For example if we have used 500microlitres = 0.5ml of the sample, the amount of the protein is:
Protein Concentration = Amount of the protein (mg) / Volume (ml)
Amount of the protein (mg) = Volume (ml) x Protein Concetnration (mg/ml)

Remember to use appropriate units!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! If you do not do so, your results will not make any sense:)!!!!!If you have problems with convertion of units/prefixes click the link below and visit this post 

Convertion of Scientific Prefixes

Ok that would be it for this week:) Remember to pay attention to your calculations!


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