Saturday, 6 February 2010

Amino acids - the handy way:)

Yo, yo, yo you all!!

I have not been updating this section for a long time:) I have another idea, but I have been strugling to present it for a while. You judge it yourself and leave the comment:)


Ok. Before we start there is some rules to pick up:) LOL:) See the description and picture below.


1. Your wrist represents backbone of amino acid and it is always the same.
2. First carbon atom will be always placed in the area of your palm, including first knuckle of each finger.
3. Next atoms (carbon, oxygen, nitrogen or sulfur) will occupy finger knuckles and tips (like shown for thumb and small finger).
4. We will bend rules a little in bigger structures:)
5. Be aware that some bond lengths and angles are not real:)
6. Hands photographed from top. 

Ok Lets gO!

First four structures:)

Short explenation (SE): Gly - just writst, Ala - Fist, Ser - your hand looks like S, Cys - Central finger .

It is getting better....

SE: Pro - for Pentagon and looks like letter P as well, Thr - Looks like T, Val - Looks like leter V, Ile - Fingers looks like I and L.

Next four....

SE: Leu, Asp and Asn are exactly the same only atom and number of bonds change, Met -first picture you MET two hands.

More ....

SE: Glu, Gln are the same (again only atoms and number of bonds change), Lys - is Long and Arg- is as long as Lys but splits at the end.

Two more ...

SE: I have no suggestions:)

And last two:)


SE: His - looks like house (nitrogens on the same knuckles) and Trp - house with pool (nitrogen at finger tips:)

If you want to download the Amino Acid Handies (AAHandies) please visit the link below:

I hope that will work for some of you:)

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  1. Wow I like this article very well. Thanks a lot. I have noted this good points. please update this. thank you.

  2. This is awesome! I have been looking for a way to memorise the structures of amino acids... Thank you so much!

  3. i love this it helps alot

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  5. Creative way!! I liked it