Thursday, 11 February 2010

3rd year practicals - Immunochemistry

Hello Students,

This week we have been exploring a world of immunochemistry:). We have been analysing two Unknown samples (U1 and U2) for presence of progesterone. Our aim in this practical was to estimate concentration of the progesterone in the those samples.

Ok let's begin.

You suppose to download your results from the blackboard and they should look roughly like this, see Table 1 below (remeber!! those numbers were made up by, my just for presentation purposes).

 Using the Table 1 you calculate following values and you put them in Table 2 (noticed that obvious outliners where not included in the calculations - red highlights):
Now, we have to plot the B/B0 against the progesterone concentration, like on the plot below:

To get our Unknown samples concentrtion you read them manualy from the plot. So for example:

Unknown 2 = ~50pg

This is it:) I hope you enjoyed it:)

CyA Next Time:)


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